Modeling and Evidence Mapping Environment

MEME Resources


MEME is open source! If you want to contribute or download and run the code, it is available here: https://gitlab.com/inq-seeds/boilerplate (requires a Gitlab account, and some comfort with node / npm to run).

Demo MEME online: We have setup a test classroom based on our Year 4 classroom implementation here, using the CHROME browser: You can access this as one of two demo students using either of the following login tokens: KOALA-GM3FD or PANDA-R93I5. These represent students in two different groups who can see each other’s models. Feel free to edit the model and add comments to try out the features! Note: pleaase make sure to use CHROME.

Coming soon: a downloadable Macintosh version of the software. If you would like to access this now, contact jdanish@indiana.edu.

Citation: Please cite the MEME software as The Modeling and Evidence Mapping Environment (MEME) Software (2019) Danish, Duncan, Hmelo-Silver, Chinn, Ryan, Av-Shalom, Moreland, Vickery, Murphy & Stiso.

MEME Curriculum Materials

Sample materials can be found here based on year:

  1. Year 1: This was our tutorial study to test out our initial design ideas. If you are interested in these materials please contact us.
  2. Year 2 Classroom Implementation
  3. Year 3 Afterschool Club Implementation
  4. Year 4 Classroom Implementation

Sample Models

Here are some sample models with comments open to show how peers / the teacher might have responded to them. Click on each one to see a larger version.

Sample student model in MEME Sample student model in MEME Sample student model in MEME